The Denver area is an ideal location for the emergence, development, and adoption of energy tech.

Energy Tech Is a ‘Thing’

Oil & Gas

The highest CapEx of any US business sector


Hydrofrac’d horizontal Oil & Gas wells transform US energy position


Capital efficiency, lean staffing, operational edge


Operators are hungry for tech solutions

Data - the new oil

A massively data-rich environment 


Robust funding supports emerging tech, tech firms

    Denver Area Energy Tech Firms…

Founded Since 2010

Founded Prior to 2010

With Direct O&G Overlap

National Firms with a local office

As a Hub for Energy Tech, The Denver Area is…

A Large and Growing

Energy Tech Ecosystem


At The Intersection

of Energy and Tech

Robust, Diverse, & Centrally Located,

Providing Operators Who Serve As

Accessible Validation Opportunities

An Ideal Convergence of Founders

From Both Energy and Tech Backgrounds

Energy + Tech = Energy Tech Hub

  Denver E&P

•  40 + Public O&G offices

•  60 + PE-backed O&G companies

•  165 + Private O&G companies

•  22 + Permian Basin operators


Denver Tech

•  2,900 + startup / growth firms
    on the front range 

•  27,000 + developers in Colorado

•  Broad environment for talent and            support

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